Allison Philander was the first point of contact between the publisher and UCT (Schools Development Unit) for three years. Since the start of our relationship I have found her to be reliable, friendly and above all, trustworthy. She displays a very good understanding of the context of our work, which favours our relationship. Although she is slow to anger, she can be very persistent and ‘gets the job done’. When negotiating a task, she has always been clear about what it entails and what the publisher's expectations are. At the same time, she has been open to discussion when we have felt strongly different about some or other aspect of the task. She is knowledgeable and has, to our advantage, facilitated the writing process in a way that has seen almost all our titles being accepted onto the approved textbook list.
Dr Anthea Roberts
Schools Development Unit, UCT
I have worked with a number of different publishing houses over the past five years. Not all of the experiences have been good. Allison
has restored my faith in the publishing business. She has the ability to remain cool under extreme pressure. She managed our project
(3 textbooks across different grades, 4 authors in different cities – one residing overseas) with the aplomb of a seasoned project manager. Allison is a great believer in effective communication. She constantly kept the entire group up to date with the progress of the project. The final products, produced under her guidance, look stunning. I have no reservations in working with Allison or recommending her for any publishing project.
Dr Alphonso Hendricks
Institute of Maritime Technology
I started working with ACP Project Consultants about three years ago.
I suppose I have been producing materials since about 2005 and of all the publishers I have worked for, I have found ACP Project Consultants to be the best at building teams. Often, publishers bring people together based on their skills and knowledge, but seldom does that act result in a team. Inevitably this results in simply a set of writers who each produce their own bit, and then this is welded into a book by the editors. My experience with ACP Project Managers was different. They not only formed good strong relationships with all the writers, but also managed to get them to form strong relationships with each other. This in itself is a remarkable accomplishment. Allison has some amazing, understated leadership qualities.
Dr Rufus Wesi
The Sasol Inzalo Foundation